Basic law of life


The basic law of sowing and reaping means much more than you initially might think!

Consider the fact that when you sow a few seeds you don’t get a few seeds back, you get a crop! You actually reap more, sometimes much, much more than you sowed, the basic law applies to “giving and receiving”, “ask and you shall receive” and more!

Consider this: “You have to give love to get love”, “You have to give respect to get respect”,”You have to look for a job to get a job”, “You have to work at your job to get a check”,  “You have to give a smile to get a smile”, “You have to study to get good grades”, “If you get good grades you’ll get a better job”,  and “If you get a better job you’ll make more money”.

Now consider in your own life the areas where you need to sow more.

Another good word for sowing is “Invest”, invest in yourself, invest in your family, invest in your friendships”, “Invest in something financially” and “Invest in yourself spiritually”.

It’s the person that just sits there and does nothing and hopes things will get better that won’t do much reaping.  There are those who sit around and complain about the economy hoping someone else will do something about it. I submit that if you do whatever it takes to invest in yourself, you as a person and your economy will get better.

One final thought: You don’t just plant a seed once, water it once and reap a bushel. You have to cultivate, fertilize, water and keep the pests out. You have to work at it, but come harvest time it will all be worth it!

God bless you!

–Donald Schwartz